Friday, July 9, 2010


I ran into DJ Robzilla of local hip-hop group O.N.E. and he brought the group to my attention today. I was seriously bumping thier new CD "Green Monkey" at work for the rest of my shift. It's hot! Rapid-fire rhyme skills from the emcee with mad talent Saint Tellah and work on the ones and twos provided by DJ Robzilla.

Check out their site:

they've got music available to stream (for free) directly from their site (

and you can purchase the 13-track album on their bandcamp page ( Shit's hot and definitely worth the cheddar!

Go check out a show!


  1. Thanks for the kind words fam... I love your website man! lots of good music. I was thinking, how tight would it be to use this website to construct an album with Saint Tellah that uses samples chopped up entirely from the Gainesville Music Archive? Now there's an idea...

  2. lots of good music, keep the great work up!

    if i may request, Towers of Hanoi & Bitchin' please!