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Saturday, September 4, 2010

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

La Cara Oculta

La Cara Oculta is a punk rock band from Gainesville, Fl who sings songs in Spanish. Let's just say that they're freaking awesome!

Here's their side of their Split 7" with Scum Of The Earth (which I believe is now out of print):

They're on MySpace at

Erin & David + Kenny (EDK)

It's 3 people in the band. I think you can figure out the band members for yourselves. And they do a really sweet cover of a Paula Abdul song. Their other songs kick ass too and are sometimes quite hilarious. Definitely a highly entertaining band that's worth the listen for sure. Besides, were you doing something better today?

Here's their "A Beast Of A Fish" Album:

And on Myspace at:

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dirty Fist!

Dirty Fist!

Band Members: Chelsea Kamm (accordion, harp, trombone), Chelsea Carnes (banjo, vocals, trumpet, fiddle) with very special friends on these recordings: arthur rosales (violin) and tyler glisson (upright bass), Sam Crosby (euphonium)

Their Music:
(the albums "Let's Get Devastated" and "Tit For Tat" in their entirety)

Check out for upcoming shows and other info and make sure to go see them play!

Friday, July 9, 2010


I ran into DJ Robzilla of local hip-hop group O.N.E. and he brought the group to my attention today. I was seriously bumping thier new CD "Green Monkey" at work for the rest of my shift. It's hot! Rapid-fire rhyme skills from the emcee with mad talent Saint Tellah and work on the ones and twos provided by DJ Robzilla.

Check out their site:

they've got music available to stream (for free) directly from their site (

and you can purchase the 13-track album on their bandcamp page ( Shit's hot and definitely worth the cheddar!

Go check out a show!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Towers of Hanoi

(I've been catching a little bit of flack lately for posting mostly punk bands...)

I hadn't heard anything by (or about) this band in quite some time. TOWERS OF HANOI is a freakin' awesome female-fronted rock band with very Grace Slick-esque vocals on top of some incredibly sick riffs. If you like music then you should listen to this band. Apparently, they are still around too. I'm not sure at this time about if they have any upcoming shows or anything, but the next time you have a chance to go see them, do so and you will not be disappointed. You can follow them on F*%#Book here

sorry no downloadables this time around folks, but grooveshark makes it easy for me to help you get your jam on.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


NO MORE is a band that has been around since 1992 (seriously, that's
like 100 in gainesville band years!). They've been writing awesome
songs, playing shows, and winning over our hearts ever since. And
they've got a lot of music up for grabs on their old website so go on
over to and check them out!

EDIT: More NO MORE!!! (oh, how oxymoronic)
FREE DOWNLOAD of their OLD AS DIRT, EPIC album AMERICAN COVERUP (circa 1998) here.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


My personal favorite (sadly defunct) local punk band: TODAY DOESN'T COUNT. That band has been truly inspirational to me on so many levels. Listen to them or you will be blocked from this site (I'm just kidding, but check them out. They're awesome)


If anybody has some pictures of this band (or any band on this site) you should get them to me either via email ( or through GAINESVILLE MUSIC ARCHIVE's page on FaceBook ... just post 'em up on the wall with the date and venue (if known). MANY THANKS FOR VISITING THIS SITE!!!

Feeling like some hip-hop today... Gainesville-stylee, of course!

Ok, so a common misconception about our local music community is that all it cranks out is punk and radio rock. THIS IS SO INCREDIBLY NOT TRUE!!! There are definitely many people in this town who are diligently working to create a scene that embraces all genres of music. One of these people is D.P. Check out his music. Shit's tight. He'll be playing Thursday, June 10th @ Common Grounds with HALF TRACK, CARDBOARD PARADISE, and Orlando's THE SUPERVILLAINS. He's also got an upcoming show Friday, July 2nd @ The Atlantic with ANDONIMUST from Tampa, and Gainesville's own SCUM OF THE EARTH!

1. Stream D.P.'s album "Bar Tab Blues" below on the grooveshark widget while you...

2. download his album "Fortyeighthours" here for free.


I'm not really sure how to describe this band... ummm.... folkish indie-pop with really intelligent, thoughtful, clever lyrics? Just give them a listen. They're incredible. They are Swayze. And sadly, they're also broken up.

Great Gainesville Girl Country!

Ok. This foursome of shit-kicking broads is definitely worth the listen. Download the songs (they're in .wma format... sorry), get into the band, and then GO AND SEE THEM PLAY on SUNDAY JUNE 6th @ the ATLANTIC with Gris Gris Boys and Fleetfoot! And buy their CD. These girls definitely deserve to get paid for the music they make.

download music here:

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gville Music Archive's First Featured Band:

Check out the (now defunct), awesome, local riot-grrl punk rock band SUGARDISH!!!

Most of their recorded music is up for free download from their website. GET INVOLVED!!!