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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Feeling like some hip-hop today... Gainesville-stylee, of course!

Ok, so a common misconception about our local music community is that all it cranks out is punk and radio rock. THIS IS SO INCREDIBLY NOT TRUE!!! There are definitely many people in this town who are diligently working to create a scene that embraces all genres of music. One of these people is D.P. Check out his music. Shit's tight. He'll be playing Thursday, June 10th @ Common Grounds with HALF TRACK, CARDBOARD PARADISE, and Orlando's THE SUPERVILLAINS. He's also got an upcoming show Friday, July 2nd @ The Atlantic with ANDONIMUST from Tampa, and Gainesville's own SCUM OF THE EARTH!

1. Stream D.P.'s album "Bar Tab Blues" below on the grooveshark widget while you...

2. download his album "Fortyeighthours" here for free.

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